How about holding a virtual event in parallel to your physical event?


Do you know what hybrid events are?

Hybrid events are events that bring together characteristics of both face-to-face and virtual events. In other words, you enjoy the advantages of both formats.

In this way, there is no longer a physical limit on the event, giving the possibility to meet those who were often outside its geographic reach.

Various Interactions

Regarding interactions, users can be viewing various materials from exhibitors and sponsors in a virtual way

Insertion of PDF catalogs

Playback of several videos and lives

Scheduling of calls and video conferences

View of products that were on display

Various additional information about the physical event

One of the biggest advantages of this hybrid option is to maintain a constant connection for an indefinite period of time with your participants!


  • Greater public reach
  • Availability of the event indefinitely
  • Greater engagement
  • Cost X benefit
  • 24h interactions
  • Access to attractions without geographic limits
  • Greater flexibility

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